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While Professional Fire Alarm Systems provides an array of different systems, it is likely that more people know PFAS for our fire alarms than anything else. Since 2004, PFAS has provided the latest technology in fire alarm systems for virtually every type of commercial, industrial, healthcare, government or educational application, from basic conventional zoned systems to integrated and highly intelligent networked systems. Based on your business needs, PFAS will custom-design the best solution for your building.

Professional Fire Alarm Systems offers:

PFAS has close partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the industry. See a list on the Partners tab.

PFAS has the design professionals to meet your fire alarm needs. The use of design tools, including AutoCAD and AlarmCAD, helps to insure accurate and precise communication to technicians, electricians, engineers and clients.

Our technicians are well trained and capable of proudly wearing NICET certifications.