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NFPA 101 is a Life Safety Code and OSHA requirement that is designed to assure that exit and emergency lighting systems will provide life saving illumination for safe and orderly evacuation procedures in the event of a fire, or any type of emergency resulting in a power failure. Reliable battery backup power is critical when faced with a crisis situation.

Unfortunately, this equipment is often overlooked in day to day operations. We recommend that the E/E testing be performed in conjunction with the annual fire extinguisher inspection. This way it is never forgotten or overlooked.

When you schedule your periodic testing of emergency and exit lights with PFAS, we will verify that the batteries, bulbs, and any other critical hardware is functioning at full capacity. All testing and inspection records shall be provided to the Customer for review upon request by the local fire marshal.
Please give us a call at 785-379-0300 with any questions, or to schedule your next Emergency and Exit Light inspection.